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Kansas Wesleyan University

All students are required to have valid health insurance that can be used in the state of Kansas. Kansas Wesleyan University partners with UnitedHealthcare Student Resources to offer student health insurance coverage ( Within the portal at that link, each student will be able to opt-in (enroll) if they need health insurance, or opt-out (waive) if they already have valid insurance. If they do not make a selection, they will be automatically enrolled.

We anticipate access to the portal for Kansas Wesleyan University’s health insurance will open June 1, 2024.

2024-25 benefits and premiums will be sent to all incoming and current students (to KWU emails whenever possible) as soon as they become available.

The deadline to enroll or waive is August 31. Again, if this is not completed, the student will automatically be enrolled and the cost of the insurance will be added to their student account. In addition, this process must be completed before participating a student-athlete can participate in any physical team activities.

Please note that health insurance selection is a separate process from Sports Medicine registration. We anticipate that process to be available June 1, as well, and it is also required. That is where student health records are stored. Having those allows medical professionals to have all the information needed, should a student have a medical emergency while on campus or while participating in a university activity.

That process is managed through the Athletic Training Office. If you have any questions about it, please contact Nathan Morrison at [email protected].

Both the Sports Medicine registration and the health insurance process are required. 

Additional information may be posted on this page periodically.